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  • PAYCONIQ & DIGICASH join forces

    Aug 2nd, 2017. Payconiq acquires Digicash Payments SA, jeelis becomes the technical provider for the Luxembourg market.

  • So what is jeelis about?

    It's our 4th venture since 1999.

    It's about passion ...

    We fell in love with digital a long time ago

    jeelis was born out of an entrepreneurial passion for process simplification by digitisation. We create digital products and we activate ecosystems.

    ... and getting things done

    Chop chop ... so do it now

    We launched Digicash, the Luxembourg banks' mobile payment product, Mpulse that handles SMS routing and payments with telcos.
  • What defines us.

    What is our DNA, why should you choose to work with us?

    The jeelis DNA

    At jeelis, we create cutting-edge digital products and we handle multi-level platform and digitisation projects for the financial industry. Digitisation is our passion and we believe that these kind of processes require a full holistic view and approach. In today’s digital world, it’s about crafting user experiences: consumers and professionals alike have to enjoy the tools, interfaces and processes we give them, they have to fully embrace them so they can become successful.

    Who we are

    jeelis is part of a group of companies owned and run by Luxembourg-based entrepreneurs since 1999. Other group companies are Mpulse, a telecom payment and message routing specialist, and Nvision, a digital agency. We also built the Digicash mobile payment ecosystem in Luxembourg that was acquired by Payconiq (ING & KBC) in August 2017. We have a staff of 50+ people and run our operations out of the Luxembourg tech & financial hub.

  • Cross-industry & multi-disciplinary expertise.

    At the crossroads of information technology, regulatory compliance and user experience design.

    IT & transactional platforms

    These are state-of-the-art digital hubs for easy interconnection ... in the cloud.​

    We started with telecom payments at Mpulse, then brought it to the banks with Digicash. Our ecosystem platforms are highly reliable, fully scalable and secure, and so are the interfaces (web, Apps, APIs & SDKs).

    Regulatory compliance

    Financial services & telecoms regulatory compliance is inherent ... by design.

    Both banks and telecom operators rely on our platforms and services. We fully master legal requirements for retail financial & telecoms services in-house (PI license & CSSF/ILR supervised) and we design products accordingly.

    User experience

    Customers have to like it or they won't use it ... it's as simple as that.

    Without a great UX, don't go live in today's fully digital world. All products should be designed around the customer journey. And we know that most of the times it is foremost about the little things, they make the difference.

  • The people that kickstarted it.

    We are passionate entrepreneurs, with a substantial expertise in building digital products.

    Raoul Mulheims

    Co-founder in 1999, had full-grown black hair.

    The strategy and product guy, with a legal background



    Mike Sergonne

    Co-founder in 1999, thought a 3 day beard was overrated

    The marketing expert, who studied communications



    Georges Berscheid

    Joined in 2006, couldn't do anything about his 1.98m

    The Chief Technology Officer, with a degree in IT & an MBA



    Jonathan Prince

    Joined in 2010, suffered from British & French dichotomy

    The business development fellow, a procurement specialist



  • Facts & Figures

    Get to know us a little better.

    18 years

    Digital product building since 1999

    3 industries

    Finance, telecoms, digital marketing

    50 specialists

    An amazing team in our group companies

    150'000 Apps

    Digicash Apps in 2017 18% of LUX population

    6 banks

    Using the mobile payment stack

    4 awards

    4 jury prizes in 2016, many more before


    in the press in 2016 alone

    100% owned

    by the company founders

    and ... 8 babies

    the founders & their wives had since '99 ;-)

  • Contact Us

    We'll do great things together.

    Jeelis - by Mpulse SA

    7 rue Jean Fischbach, L-3372 Leudelange, Luxembourg
    (+352) 26 33 85-1
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