What do we do?

JEELIS provides one of the most powerful digital multi-context payment platforms that encompasses a full stack of Apps, features, APIs/SDKs and even a fully customisable Beacon terminal that enable a truly quick implementation by both banks/payment specialists and merchants.

Our products

Jeelis One4all

Our JEELIS ONE4ALL stack sits on top of existing payment infrastructures and gateways, handling payment authentication and authorisation using bank-grade security standards. The system has been live since 2012 with several banks using the platform and providing their own flavour of Apps to their clientele under their brand.

Point of sale
P2P Payments
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Jeelis P2P

With JEELIS P2P, users can send or request money digitally in seconds using phone numbers. We provide the full App, authentication, repository, routing and messaging layer. As a bank or payment specialist, you just have to plug it into your payment channel or product infrastructure which is typically done in a matter of weeks. It’s that simple.

Jeelis Beacon

Our JEELIS BEACON technology enables a ground-breaking shift at the point of sale from proprietary payment terminals to technically ‘light’ but iconic and fully customisable device that is nicely integrated with cash-desk systems and existing terminals.


We designed and built the Luxembourg banks mobile payment scheme from scratch, and our sister company Digicash Payments runs it with our partner retail banks. It covers the whole range of payment contexts: POS BEACON payments, bill payments, e-commerce and m-commerce/App2App as well as the full set of P2P payment features. It enables us to deploy and validate products and features first on this technologically highly advanced market.

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The Luxembourg Open Scheme for Fintech is a national R&D project for building a common framework to facilitate trust, interconnection and ID management in a digital world. It aims at leveraging the FinTech evolution to build new ecosystems using state-of-the-art technology across all financial sector verticals.

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About us

At JEELIS, we create cutting-edge digital payment technology and we handle multi-level platform and digitisation projects for the financial industry. Digitisation is our passion and we believe that digitisation processes require a full holistic view and approach. In today’s digital world, it’s about crafting user experiences: consumers and professionals alike have to enjoy the tools, interfaces and processes we give them, they have to fully embrace them for them to become successful.

JEELIS was born out of an entrepreneurial passion for process simplification by digitisation. Its founders have an internet technology and telecommunications background. JEELIS is the technology and service provider that develops and provides licenses for digital and mobile payments products to banks, payment services specialists and retailers.

JEELIS is part of a group of companies owned and run by Luxembourg-based entrepreneurs. Other group companies are Digicash Payments, the operator of the Luxembourg retail banks’ mobile payment product DIGICASH, Mpulse, a telecom payment and message routing specialist, and Nvision, a digital agency. Together, they have a staff of 40+ people and run their operations out of the Luxembourg tech & financial hub.

JEELIS provides a white-labelled digital payment authorisation stack, fitting neatly into banks’, PSPs’ and merchants’ infrastructures, using existing underlying payment channels (transfers, cards …) and smartly connected to retailers’ POS and e-commerce systems. It is fully user experience focused, effectively integrating value-added services, for both proximity and remote payments. A customisable multi-technology device (the Beacon) for payment acceptance at the POS can be provided on top, as well as a nifty payment terminal integration and a full set of APIs/SDK for banks and merchants.

Since 2012, the JEELIS team built the Luxembourg retail banks’ digital payment product and hub under the DIGICASH brand that is operated by Digicash Payments SA. The DIGICASH ecosystem is today one of the most advanced and successful fully digital consumer payment infrastructures in the world.

Based on this know-how, JEELIS delivers premium technology to bring payment businesses to the next level and enhance existing infrastructures, to create new ecosystems and seamlessly integrate custom banking, marketing or retail-centric features and products. Its platform has already been implemented by 4 banks and is live since 2012. It serves as the backbone of the Luxembourg banks’ mobile payment ecosystem

Its latest project is the design and implementation of the "Luxembourg Open Scheme for FinTech". The project’s goal is to create an open digital scheme for financial services in Luxembourg as a framework for interoperability of different stakeholders in the financial sector and outside: establish a distributed network that enables participants to exchange information in a standardised way to allow them to aggregate specific data from different sources and hence be able to provide new, personalised services based on that data. It aims at establishing a framework for mutual authentication, generic communication protocol specifications and a distributed framework for digital ID aggregation (distributed Meta-ID), including APIs, protocol and connector normalisation based on existing standards, self-certification tools and a full sandboxing environment.

JEELIS is based in Luxembourg, a Top 10 global financial centre and payments innovation hotspot. The company is fully owned by its founders. Its sister company Digicash Payments holds a full EU Payment Institution license.

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